Marisa K

I lost 55 lbs. in 7 months through proper dieting, exercising and having an amazing support system in I Train With Juan.

I met Juan Gonzalez almost 4 years ago at one of his New You Challenge programs and that’s when my journey began.  Like everyone who diets, I would lose weight only to gain it back.  However, one day it did finally click and with each pound I lost I would text Juan and he would cheer me on.  Juan became my greatest support system; my second family.  His love, dedication and encouragement drove me to where I am today.

Not only did I discover a fine trainer but I also found a loyal friend and brother.  He encourages me when I think that I have failed and lifts my spirits when I am disappointed with myself.  Juan truly cares about my wellness and it shows by how intently he listens.

My journey is not over and I will continue to persevere in achieving many future fitness goals that I have set for myself because I have such a wonderful support system in Juan Gonzalez.


Marisa Keating
New Rochelle, New York