Jeannine H

Working with Juan has made a huge impact in my life.  He has a unique ability to encourage me to always do my best and at the same time also push my limits so that I can achieve my goals.  Since working with Juan I have lost over 60lbs, started running, completed my first 5K and my first triathlon, beating my estimated time by over 30 minutes.   Not only was Juan there for me throughout all my training getting me ready for the race, but he was also there to cheer me on.  As I move forward in my fitness goals, he continues to encourage me and build on my newfound confidence to push me to do bigger and better things.  In Juan, I found an extremely knowledgeable trainer, someone who knows and supports all his clients and most importantly he had inspired me to find a love of exercise and push myself beyond what I thought I could ever do. –


Jeannine H.