Meal prep with Juan

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Done for you Meal Prep

Save time and energy that would otherwise have to go towards grocery shopping, prepping, cooking, cleaning, and packaging your food for the week. Our culinary institute trained chef will serve as your personal one & have your food ready to start the week. With a great variety of different dishes, our menu changes every week. Each week you’ll receive 3 proteins, 2 sources of carbohydrates + 2 vegetables.march 14 menu

Convenient. Healthy. Personal.

With today’s hectic lifestyle and schedules, the answer to “what’s for dinner?” all too often is take-out, delivery, pre-packaged or frozen meals. We’ll help bring your family back to the table with healthy and delicious meals customized to your taste.

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We offer:

  • Full week dinner planning and drop off for individuals, couples, and families.
  • Specific menus for weight loss or fitness goals (our specialty)
  • Individual menu planning for catering dinner parties or events in your home.
  • We also offer a fitness/weight loss program where we prepare, cook, weigh, and package all your meals (3 meals and 2 snacks a day) for you under the supervision of our nutritionist to maximize your fitness and weight loss goals.